Tips for Packing Fragile Items

If you have hired movers before your move, you should always inform them if there are fragile or untrue items such as paintings, big or fragile works of art or porcelain and glassware, etc.

Below are some tips on how to pack fragile items correctly:

Add some bubble wrap.

Moving boxes can be used to pack most of the kitchen utensils, toiletries, photos, books, clothes and much more. What you should carefully check is that the bottom of the box is sturdy enough to hold enough items. For larger objects such as paintings and artwork, it is best to use styrofoam or bubble wrap and fasten carton pieces that protect the frame. A marker pen is good to have hands-on to write the contents of the box so that it is easier to plan and place the box in the new location.

Wrap it up.

When packing large and small paintings, one can use a clean sheet to protect the frame and motif. Even bubble wrap and cardboard protect boards in a good way during a move. Always wear clean gloves when handling paintings. When packing porcelain and fragile things, one should carefully wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap and tape carefully around. Remember that you should not put delicate things at the bottom of the box. Always start with the most durable ones. Also, be sure to write on all sides of the box if it contains extra delicate items so the mover should be aware.

Use moving boxes.

Be sure to use special storage boxes when packing. These boxes are specially adapted to handle heavy objects, and you also get a lot of space. However, you should not overload the box. Moving boxes are folded in a particular way that is made to hold, but if you want to be safe, you can reinforce the bottom with tape.

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