Tips For Smooth Packing

Packing for a move is demanding. Therefore, plan the packing well and make sure you have some extra time for unforeseen events. This is also an excellent opportunity to clear things that you no longer use or need.

Important points regarding packing

  • Move cartons are the easiest way to store their items during a move. Keep in mind that do not pack too heavy, but please mix books with soft, light things like pillows and blankets.
  • Plan the packing. Begin as early as possible to unpack everything you do not need before moving, such as clothes for another season, fine linen, books, etc.
  • Structure the packing by taking one room at a time and packing only items from the same room into a box.
  • Mark the flyers on the pages to keep an eye on what’s in and to which place they are in the new home.
  • Structure the completed relocation package in the truck/relocation. Start with the largest furniture and then fill the space between them with smaller furniture and moving cartons. However, consider allocating the weight in the truck/relocation.

More tips to consider

Moving boxes can be purchased at supermarkets, construction stores and at moving companies. Quality can differ between different vendors. Moving companies often have the best boxes, but also the most expensive. Consult them if you can rent cartons if you do not want to buy them. If you hire a company to move to you, you will usually borrow the boxes for free.

You also need good packaging materials for glassware, porcelain and other fragile things, called macros at moving companies. Popular options for shredding are silk paper and newsprint but keep in mind that newsprint can leave marks on especially light porcelain. Bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, tape, cord and tie strap are also good at hand when packing.

Self Storage facilities are a good option if you can not move your entire living space directly from one dwelling to the other. Even moving companies can often help with storage when moving.

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