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Handling the move yourself is guaranteed to be time consuming especially when moving across the country to another state. With a little research and planning you can avoid and eliminate much of the stress associated with a long-distance move. Whether you are moving to a neighboring state or from coast to coast, interstate moving companies in Orange Park, Florida have the expertise, resources and network to ensure a seamless relocation anywhere in the country. Choosing the moving company and services you want to use for your interstate move is just part of the picture. To make your move go more convenient and stress free, you might want to use these tips:

  • Itemize and organize.
  • Pack valuables and necessary items for the move.
  • Declutter.
  • Close accounts, transfer mail and service the car.
  • Prepare for your new home and clean the old one.
  • Start early

How to choose the best moving companies in Orange Park

If you are moving across the border, it’s critical that your moving company has the experience and knowledge to effectively handle customs procedures. The best place to start is to ask friends or your real estate agent for recommendations. Friends and acquaintances can sometimes advise whether a moving company was satisfactory or not. Now that you’ve gotten word of mouth recommendations, you can scour the Internet for other opinions. Once you’ve narrowed down three or four companies you want to check out, make appointments to have a rep from each one come out and give you a written estimate.

Cost of hiring an interstate moving company in Orange Park, Florida 32073

It’s no secret that relocating to a new house can get expensive – especially when a professional moving company is involved. However, the cost to hire professional movers will effectively solve the ever-present dilemma of whether you should hire a moving company or do it yourself. The cost for hiring a moving company will save yourself the stress of having to organize all stages of your move, including packing your belongings from each room in labeled boxes, and then – the grueling job of carrying, loading and unloading all the heavyweight boxes and large and heavy furniture.

interstate moving companies in Orange Park

Unlike a local move, the price of an interstate, or “long distance” move, is based on the weight of the shipment, distance traveled and labor costs. With the additional distance come additional administrative costs for the moving company, all of which are passed on to you, the user of their moving service. Your moving costs will also vary depending on how much stuff you have. It also helps to know the difference between estimates. First, binding estimate is a written agreement made in advance with your mover that clearly describes all services provided. A non-binding estimate is based on how much the mover thinks your household stuff weighs. Movers will also be slightly more expensive at the beginning and end of each month, due to the increased demand once again. Move during the middle of the month, and you will notice the difference in price.

Preparations before the moving day

If you are having professional packers pack and move your stuff, you are going to need to prepare ahead of time. Here are some tips worth considering before the packers arrive.

  • Confirm what you are leaving. There certainly are things you would not want to take with you to your new home like curtains, freezer etc. so it’s worth making a list of these things before the moving day. You don’t want to end up only to find that you have brought something with you that you don’t need anymore.
  • Disassemble all furniture that needs it in order to be moved.
  • Create an inventory 
  • Take the time to make your movers aware of any items that need special care.
  • Make sure everything is packed before your movers arrive.
  • Mind the weather. It is good to take precautionary measures according to current atmospheric conditions. Put on appropriate clothes and cover all your belongings in plastic wrap to keep them from getting wet.

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Why you should hire a moving company in Clay County, Orange Park, FL

Having a company come in and do it for you with the right truck, the right-hand tools, and the right resources get the job done much more quickly. Professional movers will size the contents and have the right sized truck and other hand tools to move equipment. Licensed and professional moving companies offer various coverage options to insure your goods against damage. Despite the initial price tag on a professional move, you could end up saving yourself time and money — yes, money — when you hire professionals.